Frosted Glass

If you have decided to save some space of the bathroom and to install a shower cabin, then surely, you now think about the characteristics of the future shower stall. Perhaps you have already decided on the form and now want to choose the most suitable glass for the shower door.
Frosted glass will be ideal if you prefer privacy or if you are planning to do an adjacent bathroom. You will not be visible behind the frosted shower doors. At the same time, the diffused light will penetrate into the cabin, and you will not need additional lighting.

The frosted glass is widely used in the design of any interiors. It is also a very practical material when creating doors, various folding screens, furniture design and the like. There are several ways to matt the glass. Here are just some of them:
  • The machining of glass is an effect on the glass by abrasive, which removes the top layer of glass, forming a rough surface. For example, a jet of sand directed to the glass with a special sandblaster creates a matte surface.
  • Another method of glass matting is chemical. It is also called etching. To date, these chemical methods can achieve the highest quality of the matte glass surface.
  • One of the easiest ways to create frosted glass is to use special white and translucent organic varnishes and paints. However, this coating is not very durable.

The main purpose of using any of these methods is to create a rough glass surface. Thereby, the light that passes through the frosted glass breaks and the image becomes unrecognizable. The roughness of the surface also makes such glass less slippery. This is an important advantage when used in the bathroom. With the help of glass matting, it is also possible to create various patterns.