Swinging Shower Doors

A shower stall is a great way to save space in your bathroom. But you can make it even more practical if you find the most suitable door system and shape of the shower tray. The doors with a swing system are quite popular for the shower.

The swing system of doors is perhaps the most classic one. It is used in most interior and entrance doors because of the simplicity and convenience of the structure. Such a door is simply and securely fixed. Each part of the door is attached only on one side, which allows you to hide the fixtures so that the shower cabin looks as attractive as possible.

If you want the shower to occupy the space even less, then you can think about the doors that open inwards. Firstly, it would be easy to open such a door even in the conditions of a very small bathroom. Secondly, if you keep the door open constantly, free space will increase significantly. So, maybe it is time to think whether you want the doors open in both directions, or only outside. Swing doors provide a wider passage than sliding doors. Because of this, you will not feel cramped when entering the shower.

Such doors are ideal if you choose a rectangular shower tray. But you can also make rounded swing doors for round and half-round shower cabins. For the greatest economy of the useful area, it is possible to place the shower in a niche in the wall. If you decide to build the shower into the wall, such a door mechanism will be great too.