A Built-In Steam Shower

A steam shower is a wonderful way to create the healing atmosphere of a steam bath in a small bathroom. Unlike strong dry heat of a sauna, such cabin allows creating damper and less hot atmosphere. A steam shower or a shower enclosure of a closed type can be of two forms. The first one consists of a built-in room and the second type is modular, which requires a separate independent installation. Let us consider in more detail the first option.
The best hight of a steam shower enclosure
A steam shower enclosure shouldn`t be very high.
The built-in unit is located in the walls of your bathroom or other room. This type of shower is quite close to the concept of a whole steam room. Such a cabin must be completely made of materials resistant to moisture. For example, it can be a glass or ceramic tile, or a mosaic. It is very important to choose non-slip materials since during the operation of the steam generator the entire space of the shower will be covered with moisture.

If you have high ceilings, then you should not make a shower cabin of the same height. The niche for the shower should not be very high. The reason is that according to the well-known physical law, hot air always rises, which will substantially take away warm air and steam from resting people.

The Location of a Steam Shower.
A built-in steam shower can be located not only in the bathroom.

One more important condition for any steam shower cabin is full tightness. To provide it, among other things, you need to install special steam shower doors. Otherwise, the gaps in the shower structure will lead to the leakage of steam. This process, in turn, will reduce the efficiency of the steam shower, as well as spoil the surrounding interior.