Shower Accessories

Any simplest shower cabin presupposes the presence of such constituent elements as a shower tray, cabin walls, sliding or hinged doors, a ceiling panel (not always), a water supply and drainage system, shower accessories.
Square hand shower
The hand shower is also an important part of the design
When considering a new shower enclosure purchase, people pay the most attention to its appearance, as it defines the interior of the entire bathroom. It is very important that you are satisfied with the design of the cabin itself and its doors. But it is also very important to choose the right shower system and accessories. It will provide comfort and pleasure while bathing.

It is essential that the shower accessories are made of high-quality materials. They must be strong enough to withstand the loads applied. Also, the material must be moisture-resistant to avoid corrosion.

Adjusting profiles allow installing the product qualitatively, by correcting the irregularities of the walls and the floor. The shower tray legs perform the same function. Durable holders ensure the stability of the entire structure. You can also choose holders of different lengths, depending on your preferences and the size of the shower stall.
Shower Hardware
C.R. Laurence manufactures and distributes all necessary accessories for shower cabins and doors. The proven reliability of products ensures that your shower stall combines quality and beauty.