Invisible Floor

Glass floor always draws the attention of people. In our mind, it still remains something exotic. As soon as you glance at the transparent floor, you will immediately get the desire to walk on it with a view to feel weightless. Nevertheless, the glass floor is not only used for fashionable shopping malls and other public buildings. Transparent flooring can be used at home.  In this case, it will also look organic enough.

To begin with, the glass floor can be divided into two main types: interior glass floors and overlap between stories. Interior glass floor is a decorative laminated glass, which is placed in a specially created niche in the floor. Its main purpose is to decorate the room. Some compositions of sea stones, seashells, colored glass or any other longeval materials can be placed under the glass. The interior glass floor can also be illuminated in any color. This will be a beautiful similarity of a night lamp, for example. People also often combine built-in composition and lighting.

Glass overlap between stories is a completely transparent ground from the one side and a transparent ceiling on the other side. This overlap is admirable and interesting because it is rather unusual to stand on something transparent and to see everything that is below. When you stand on such a floor, you may feel the adrenaline, since our brain considers that such a coating is very weak. However, that is only our perception. In the manufacture of glass floors, special attention is paid to their strength and reliability. The multi-layered laminated glass is used for this purpose. Depending on the architectural features of the building, additional means of strengthening can be used (for example, reinforcing layers of glass). So you should not doubt the reliability of such structures.

Any glass floor is covered with a special anti-slip coating for safety and comfort. The floor of the glass is more convenient to clean. Such a floor is very difficult to scratch or spoil by water. And finally, it will be the indisputable beautiful decoration of any room.