Illuminated Mirror

If a mirror is installed, you will definitely want to look at it. And in order to see the reflection properly, a person needs good lighting. This simple truth is known to all, therefore, there are often additional lamps near the mirror. Another very beautiful and elegant solution to this issue can be a mirror with a built-in light source.
A Mirror With the Built-In Light Bulbs
Illuminated Mirror
Mirror with built-in lighting can be a real highlight of the bathroom, living room, bedroom and any other part of the apartment. In addition to practical use, light bulbs and LEDs perform an aesthetic function, significantly transforming the mirror. They may replace the frame, which means that the mirror will be less massive and cumbersome.

The built-in lights in the form of bulbs protruding from the surface of the frame of the mirror look very bright and certainly will not go unnoticed. Make-up artists often use this lighting due to the fact that it provides comprehensive coverage of the face. So, having installed such a mirror in your bedroom, you will every morning feel like an artist or an actor, ready to go on stage and show off in front of an audience.
Mirror with built-in LEDs
Mirror With a Glowing Text

Mirror with built-in LEDs looks very elegant. Most often, the LED is parallel to the edges of the mirror, replacing the frame. It may be one or more straight neat luminous stripes. Such a “frame” can be made in the shape of any pattern or ornament. If you wish, you can create a glowing text on the mirror, which can be a good idea even for a gift.