The Types of Glass Tiles

The glass tile is resistant to moisture, temperature, and dirt. But one of its main advantages is its appearance. Such tiles can visually increase the area of ​​the room and the amount of light. Moreover, this material can look very varied. There is a wide choice of art glass processing that allows you to give the glass tile a unique design.

Colored tile. Glass can be easily colored in almost any shade you desire. You can choose a tile of discreet or bright colors.

The frosted glass tile. Matte tiles do not reflect light so much. It looks more restrained but no less beautiful. Another important feature of the frosted glass is opacity. Glass matting is carried out by mechanical or chemical processing.

Faceting and polishing the edges.
Processing the edges of the tiles allows you to make beautiful and easy-to-care joints between the tiles. Slanted edges add volume and shine to the wall.

Printed tile. When choosing a glass tile, it is also worth paying attention to the possibility of photo printing. Any drawings can be applied to the glass by this method. It can be large images collected from individual tiles. In this case, each tile has a unique part of the overall image. You can also use a repeating pattern so that the tile can be installed in any order.

Glass also suggests the possibility of deforming its surface. It allows creating volumetric patterns and textures of tiles. 
All of these methods of the processing and the decorating of glass tiles can be combined with each other or used separately.