Washi Laminated in Glass as an Idea for a Shower Cabin

Japanese rice paper (washi), laminated in glass, allows creating a work of art from almost any piece of interior. It can be used to make furniture, doors, different partitions, and kitchen backsplashes, as well as for shower cabins.

Such a paper began to be produced in Japan in the 8th century. It is made from bark fibers of the so-called paper tree. It can also be made from bamboo, hemp, rice or wheat. This paper is of high quality: it is durable (it is almost impossible to tear it by hands) and has a white color. Japanese paper has a distinctive uneven structure. This is what gives it a unique and beautiful appearance. So it is not by chance that in 2014, the washi paper became one of the objects of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Japanese paper, laminated in glass, should be to your liking, no matter how passionate you are about the traditions of Japan. It looks very beautiful and unusual. A luxurious shower with the laminated Japanese rice paper will transform the entire bathroom. You can complement it with a glass interior door with a similar pattern. Glass with laminated Japanese paper will look elegant and gently and will perfectly complement any interior.