A Safe Mirror

There are many ways to process glass. Since any mirror is mostly made of glass, almost all of these methods of treatment can be applied to its surface. Thanks to this, it is possible to ensure not only the unique appearance but also the safety of the mirror coating.
A Laminated Mirror
A Laminated Mirror is a Safe Decoration of  Your Home
Lamination and tempering of glass are designed to ensure its resistance to shock and temperature extremes. The mirror, like glass, can be tempered or laminated. The tempered mirror is made of glass treated by strong heating and rapid cooling. Such a mirror is safe, resistant to high temperatures and shocks.

With the purpose to create a laminated mirror, people use special protective films that not only make a mirror coating stronger but also protect you from sharp fragments if it is broken.
A Mirrored Wall
A Mirrored Wall Can Significantly Increase the Visual Space
Of course, an equally important point in ensuring the safety of the mirror is its secure attachment. Even the strongest mirror is likely to break if it falls from a height. To fix the mirror right, you need to use high-quality fasteners (or a mounting glue) and to take into account the characteristics of the material to which the mirror will be attached, as well as to know the list of rules for performing such work. For this reason, it is not recommended to install mirrors on your own, as in this case there will be no guarantee of reliability and safety of such an attachment.