Essence Shower Door

Essence Shower Door is an improved version of the glass sliding doors. Like the Serenity or Hydroslide Sliding Doors, it consists of two panels, one of which is fixed, and another is sliding. But the Essence Shower Door System has its own features, which determine its advantages.
Essence Sliding Shower Door
Essence Sliding Shower Door

The main feature of this type of door is the placement of the sliding track.  It is located at the bottom of the door, which moves on it by the help of sliding rollers. Due to this, the construction does not need a header. The fixed glass panel is attached to the wall (or adjacent glass) by special clips. One more metal element, which is used in such a door, is a small guide at the top. Its purpose is to connect the door panels. So, it is clear, that such a system provides more glass and fewer metal elements. This approach helps to create not only convenient but also attractive glass shower door.
The Sliding Roller at the Bottom of Essence Shower Door
The Sliding Roller
The Essence Shower Doors can be of two main types: with or without a header. When the header is used, the doors can be wider, as they are strengthed by the metal above. Also, in this case, no clips are needed, because one of the doors is attached to the header. For both of these types, the mechanism can be adjusted to make the installation easier. Special stoppers prevent the glass and the handles from shocks.