Neo-Angle Shower

A Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Door
A Frameless Neo-Angle Shower Door

A Neo-Angle Shower is a type of a shower, which is located in the corner of the bathroom. As a rule, it has the shape of a square with a cut corner. Thus, the classic Neo-Angle Shower has three 90 degrees’ angles, and two angles of 135 degrees (they are bordered by doors). When viewed from above, such a shower enclosure looks like a diamond.

There are also various modifications of the Neo-Angle Shower. For example, the measurements of the angles may vary depending on the characteristics of the bathroom or shower space. Shower doors are most often located between two stationary glass screens. For this purpose, special mounts are used to connect the glass. However, if desired, the door can be positioned not only in the center but also on the side. You can also experiment with the number of screens.
A Framed Neo-Angle Shower
A Framed Neo-Angle Shower
Neo Angle Shower doors are only swinging doors. The design features exclude the possibility of installing sliding doors. But this is not a disadvantage, because hinged doors provide efficient use of free space. For example, a pendulum mechanism of such a door would be very useful in a small area of the bathroom. In addition, due to the use of the walls of the bathroom as the walls of the shower enclosure, this design saves usable space.