Shelving Benefits

Shelving is very convenient and practical detail of an interior. It consists of several shelves that are fastened together by vertical racks. Most often, it can be seen in built-in wardrobes, walk-in closets, libraries, kitchens. But they are equally relevant in the open form in any rooms - bedroom, living room, nursery, office.
A Glass Shelving
A Glass Shelving
Shelving comes in several types:
• Framed - this is the simplest, easy racks, consisting only of shelves and stands;
• A shelving wall - several tiers of shelves with racks, partially divided into sections. The back wall is often added; some sections of shelves can be closed with doors. Sometimes, there is a place for TV in the center of the shelving;
The advantages of shelving:
• The lightness of the design, ease of assembly and operation;
• The rack takes up little space and does not clutter up space;
• In the open rack all things in sight, and you can easily find what you need;
• By using the shelving, you can divide the room into zones;
• Low cost compared with cabinets and modular walls;
• Decorative shelves can be a real highlight of the interior.
A Backlit Glass Shelving
A Backlit Glass Shelving
Glass shelving can expand the visual boundaries of the room. Such products are made of a durable laminated glass that is resistant to shocks and does not create dangerous fragments.