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Products made of quartz glass contain numerous valuable properties that give them practicality and popularity:

1) low dielectric constant;

2) high chemical inertness to many alkalis, acids, and salts;

Quartz Glass Products
Quartz Glass Products

 3) the lowest refractive index among all glasses based on silicon dioxide;

4) high resistance to thermal pulses (up to 1200 degrees Celsius);

5) a wide spectral region of transparency among all silicate glasses, especially in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum;

6) nonsusceptibility to infrared and radioactive (ionizing) radiation;

7) resistance to temperature differences; wear resistance and resistance to vibration;

8) high mechanical strength; crystallization resistance; high uniformity of the structure of the material.

Quartz Glass Souvenir
Quartz Glass Souvenir
Thanks to this set of advantages, quartz products are a profitable and successful solution for numerous spheres of human life and activity.

Thus, many different elements are created from this raw material: rods, electric heaters, and high-temperature lamps, lenses, matrices, astronomical mirrors, and microscope lenses, viewing glasses, countertops, shelves and partitions, Durens and Klinger glasses, semiconductor devices and thermocouples, portholes, optical blanks (discs and plates), insulators, decor items, souvenirs and much more.

It can be said without exaggeration that quartz products are today indispensable both in the scientific laboratory and in industrial production, and even in everyday life.